Dream Meaning of Bridge

Dream Meaning of Bridge

Seeing a bridge in a dream have various meanings. But in general, it means good things. Seeing a bridge in a dream refers that the dream owner's work and love life will be on the right way. He will get rid of his illnesses, reach his goals and wishes, as this dream points out to a person who is an intermediary to correct his broken relations with people.

The person who sees a bridge in his dream will be as pure and innocent as a newborn baby, also he will get rid of all bad habits and bad feelings. It also refers to his upright attitude to his suffering and bad aspects of life. Just like in real life, a bridge is a point of connection in a dream. It links two places or things. It may also be a way to overcome an obstruction like a river.

Think about what the bridge connects and what goes on. The things you had seen other side of the bridge in your dream are also as important. The place you were standing in this dream refers to your condition in your real life. What was flowing or standing under this bridge is also important. Seeing a flowing river refers to your emotions. Railway may represent a possible destination or opportunity. Seeing a cliff is a sign of something missing or unknown or something that you get over.

Seeing Yourself Crossing A Bridge In Your Dream

Seeing yourself crossing the bridge in your dream refers to making a connection, transition or refuting false claims. If you are afraid to cross the bridge, you may feel unprepared or unsure of everything that lies in the future or on the other side. seeing yourself crossing a high bridge without being afraid it is interpreted that you are ready to confront whatever life brings you.

Seeing Yourself Standing On A Bridge In Your Dream

Seeing yourself standing on a bridge in your dream means that you are refraining what to initiate a big business. Or it may be a sign that you need a support to deal with an unpleasant situation.  This unpleasant situation is in accordance with what is below the bridge. You may also want to look the meaning of this object up.

Looking at A Bridge In Your Dream

Seeing yourself looking at the bridge in your dream means that you will be thinking about making a change for your future.

Laying On A Bridge In Your Dream

Laying on a bridge in your dream is a sign that you are a little bit afraid of your future. You are a kind of person who wants to know what is next and for you, not knowing what is coming tomorrow is something hard to handle. This dream also is a sign of being hesitant to start a relationship with someone. Maybe, you are afraid of the hurdles of a relationship and you think you got hurt enough in the past.

Demolishing A Bridge in Your Dream

The interpretation of this dream is close to what it is in real life. As mentioned above, bridges usually represent connections and demolishing a bridge is breaking ties with someone. This someone can be a friend or relative but it is not necessarily a person, it can be your job.

Seeing A Suspension Bridge n Your Dream

seeing this dream is a very good thing. It represents a guidance, luck and good fortune. By rectifying all his wrongdoings, deficiencies and sins, the dreamer will take right steps to get rid of them and go until the end and he will reach success.

Collapsing Of A Bridge In Your Dream

It means that things will get worse, and damages done to your business will come with a costly outcome for you. The dream owner will contemplate whether should he go through some bad paths with the reason of desperation to live.

Falling Off A Bridge In Your Dream

It is a sign that the dream owner will undertake a too big job with a great enthusiasm and without any thought, and will later regret it and ruin it. This event will be a lesson for the dream owner.

Walking On A Bridge In Your Dream

It is interpreted as a sign of salvation and stability. The person who sees himself walking through a bridge in his dream will enter the path of good works and will go exactly as he or she wants, and this will bring convenience and comfort to the life of this person.

Building A Bridge In Your Dream

It is expressed in the way that the dream owner voluntarily comes to help someone by giving his own money without expecting anything materially in return and he will have been done a very good deed by this action.

Passing Under A Bridge In Your Dream

It is not a very good dream but not very bad either. It is interpreted that something you want will not satisfy you.

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