Dream Meaning of Brick

Dream Meaning of Brick

Seeing bricks in your dreams indicates a desire to be determined and hard-working, to act with determined and cautious steps, to avoid getting into a job without being sure of profit, to have a sense of self-reliance, and to have more than the existing world goods. It is a beautiful dream, it is said to be that your works will bring money and your desires will come to true, that the dream owner will be pleased with his life and will have happiness and ownership of property.

Seeing the bricks in your dream refers to your business relationships and conflicts on love.
Seeing yourself building a brick wall in your dream is interpreted that you are trying to accumulate wealth for your days of tomorrow. And maybe you will find it hard to get the things you want. Bricks and brick wall are perceived as blockages in our real lives. But it is not like that in the world of dreams. Seeing yourself building a house out of bricks means that you are trying to make a great future for your family. To knock down bricks denotes that new times and happier social events are on their way. Crashing into a brick wall with your car means that you need a holiday or a time off from your troublesome works.

In general, seeing bricks in a dream bricks means that you will find something valuable. Brick means prosperity and new construction. But producing bricks in your dream refers to your pointless efforts and getting a profit which is lower than you have expected. Seeing yourself counting how many bricks are there in your dream means that you are going to be richer than you are now. But according to an old interpretation, if a farmer sees himself counting bricks, it signifies drought. Seeing a few bricks mean stability in your life. Lifting bricks and giving a big effort to do that means that your hard work will be in vain. Seeing a poorly made brick in your dream refers to obstacles in attaining your goals.

Seeing black bricks in your dream foretells that you will have a future full of shortages. On the other hand, seeing a well made red brick in your dream means that you will get financial abundance.
Seeing broken brick pieces in your dream refers to financial problems and urgent situations in your life. Seeing a house made out of bricks but it is a house that you have never seen before means you will receive money but it will not be delivered to you for a long time.

Seeing Yourself Building Something Out Of Brick In Your Dream

Building something out of brick like a wall or a house in the dream means being competent and talented in your work. You will collect appreciation and hear praise. The owner of the dream will achieve great success by specializing in one of these areas and he will have interest and ability in this field.

Seeing Roof Tiles In Your Dream

Seeing roof tiles in your dream is not good like seeing a brick. It signifies misfortune, and it means that great sorrow will come. It is said to be the sign of loss of life and property that the person who sees the dream will suffer. The person will be in a destruction, and his/her tears will flow.

Seeing Yourself Building A Wall In Your Dream

Anyone who sees himself building a wall in his dream will receive good news and will be happy with it. The dream owner will experience a surprise development,  forget all his sorrows and woes, and be filled with joy, peace and happiness. Because anyone who sees the dream is said to be anticipating this day of good fortunes and developments for a long time.

Collapse Of A Brick Wall In Your Dream

In a dream, seeing that person had built was collapsed, it means to have power, might and faith, to be able to cope with difficulties, to develop solutions to problems and to achieve the ease of work.

Seeing Cement In Your Dream

To see cement in a dream means that a very good and beautiful event about the dreamer owner's life will be experienced and this means that the owner of the dream will thrive and live in comfort.

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