Dream Meaning of Brandy

Dream Meaning of Brandy

Seeing brandy or drinking brandy in your dream signifies that you are a generous human being. This dream heralds happiness in general, safety, being happy with your wife, going to good state from financial difficulties, success in romance relations, moving away from the people who cause financial burden, desired strength and peacefulness. Yet It also refers to an ignorant person, who is a cruel enemy for you and you must pay attention to this person. According to other interpreters: This dream signifies happiness, but you have to do good deeds for it. You will reach success, but you have to work for it. Good fortunes will come to you but you have to pray to god for it.

According to old dream interpretations, the enemy that you have to pay attention is interpreted differently. It is not interpreted as an enemy it is interpreted as your lack of talent to make good friends.   In this respect, this dream is a sign of good things and some relatively smaller bad things.

In general, seeing brandy in your dream foretells good incidents such as you are likely to reach high levels of financial independence. It also warns you that there is an important friendship that needs your attention.

Drinking brandy in your workplace in your dream means that you will get money and good times.

Drinking much brandy but not getting harmed or throwing up means you will have some good ideas in the future. In addition to brandy, many alcoholic beverages refer to two sides of things like a double edge sword. How alcohol made you feel is also very important. Seeing yourself dizzy, brave, afraid or nauseous because alcohol in your dream has all different explanations. Furthermore, seeing yourself drinking too much brandy to the point that you have to throw up foretells your strong desire to escape a problem in your real life. Seeing someone getting drunk by drinking too much brandy in your dream, this means this person's attitude towards you is causing a problem.

Dreaming of brandy bottle refers to a good news from somewhere you do not expect. Having a dream which involves a brandy with a bitter taste means you will easily solve your minor problems. Drinking brandy alone by yourself means you should save some money and do not overspend. Seeing yourself drinking brandy with another person refers to ailments, troubles, and bad manners for the person you drink with. Making brandy signifies good times after you suffer some hardship. Long story short, most dreams which involve with brandy is a good omen.


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