Dream Meaning of Bracelet

Dream Meaning of Bracelet

Seeing a bracelet in your dream refers good and fortunate things. It is interpreted to be a sign of as wealth, happiness, healthy and comfortable life, abundance and fertility. The person who sees a bracelet in a dream is portrayed as a person who loves life, and who is fond of fashion. This person wants to have the best of everything in life, he wants to lack none of the world's beauties, he enjoys the summers in his summer house, he spends winters in the ski resorts, he demands enjoyment in life as much as possible. Moreover, this dream is connected to your inner world. Seeing a dream that you have found a bracelet, is a sign of inheritance.

Seeing yourself losing a bracelet, it is a signifies some of your problems. Having a dream in which you are wearing a bracelet on your ankle means you will get a gift and you will have a happy marriage. Seeing an ankle bracelet is a portent of distress that is caused by slanderous friends.

The person who has seen himself had been given a silver bracelet by a friend or a lover in a dream, this is a sign of a happy love relationship in the future. It is also a sign that you can prevent loss of material gain in your business. Finding a bracelet in your dream means that you will prosper in the next year. Seeing a golden bracelet in your dream signifies that you will be invited to a wedding. Having a dream in which you see a pearl bracelet is interpreted that you will know that value of time and also you will be welcomed in the places you go

Losing your bracelet in a dream refers to the things you say and things that you hesitate to say. Seeing yourself wearing a bracelet which is a part of a jewellery set, this dream refers that you are trying to better yourself in your social life. Thus this dream warns you that you should be self-confident and protect your self-esteem. Because you need self-esteem to improve your social circle.

For some dream interpreters,  seeing a broken bracelet means that you should protect yourself against slanders and evil eyes. These evil-eyed people could be anybody. You will spend some time to detect this person. After searching the root of your problems you will start to realise. You will understand that you have an enemy. Or a person who wants what is bad for you.  When you find this person, you will not know what to do in the beginning. Then you will realize the only way to protect yourself from evil eyes is doing the good deeds. By being cautious and doing what you know as for right and keeping your pace on the god's righteous path will protect you from the evils of this world.

Seeing a silver bracelet in your dream signifies chance, fortune and wealth. İt may also be a sign of a marriage. Seeing someone is putting a bracelet on your wrist means that you will fall in love and get married soon. Seeing yourself buying a bracelet in your dream is interpreted as debt, borrowing something, too much burden of work and distrust to your loved ones. Seeing a dirty bracelet means that you have enemies.

Trying to wear a bracelet in your dream is interpreted as a secret love. Seeing yourself losing a bracelet refers to some bad feelings or financial hardship that is hidden behind your joy. Seeing a torn apart bracelet signifies that your enemies are scheming behind your back. Seeing or paying attention to someone else's bracelet in your dream is a sign of a big loss you will be dependent on a person you don't know well.

Wearing a Bracelet In Your Dream

It is evident that the dream owner is pleased to see that every job he handles yields good results.  This person is satisfied with the fact that he has come to the point where his business is going too well that he is having a hard time to keep track of it. But he does not have complains about this hard work since it pays off.

Broken Bracelet In Your Dream

Seeing a broken bracelet refers to the decrease in your livelihood. The person who sees that a bracelet is broken in his dream comes to a point of decline in his business. Every door he knocks will be slammed in his face and his luck will be bad. His path will be blocked and he will be in a hard phase of his life.

Seeing A Bracelet Is Falling Into Pieces In Your Dream

It is explained as an ill chance. In the life of the dream owner, fundamental and big events will take place, his life will change in a way that it will give hopelessness to him. And his business will go bad as well. It means that everything is going to be broken and the life is going to be downside without the person who had the dream notices what is going on.

Receiving A Bracelet As A Gift In Your Dream

The dream suggests that the person who had this dream is going to help a friend, relative or neighbour. He will have to sacrifice something for him in order to this help but he will do it anyway. The owner of the dream will help someone without any expectation of any goodwill thanks to his rich soul.

Seeing Yourself Finding A Bracelet In Your Dream

It means good luck and fortune for the dream owner. This dream reveals that in the life of the dream owner there will be beautiful developments, the excitement and colour will come to his life. The good deed will bring good opportunities, the chance will be high and his face will start to laugh.



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