Dream Meaning of Bicycle

Dream Meaning of Bicycle

To see bicycle in a dream refers to happy events and no troubles.

To ride a bicycle in your dream implies that your financial problems will come to an end soon and you will overcome your troubles.

To dream that a person rides a bicycle signifies that you will help or give an opinion to a person about family issue

To see that you get up a bicycle in your dream denotes that you will need help. To see that you dismount from bicycle in your dream refers to your moral or material help to one of your closer friends.

To repair bicycle in your dream denotes that good events regarding your family life will occur or you will have good news.

To buy a bicycle in a dream refers to wrong decisions that you will make when you feel uneasy about something. If you buy it from an acquaintance, you will make good decisions about your business life which will influence your life positively.

To sell a bicycle in a dream refers to happy times that will be lived after bad days or it denotes that your troubles with your friends will come to an end.

To see bicycle race refers to disappointment. If you compete in a bicycle race, there will be an unexpected event related to your family and because of this event family members will be happy and proud.
To use bicycle in your dream signifies that bad events within your family will come to an end and the peace will be perpetuated in family.

To see bike accident in your dream implies that your problems about job or school will be overcome with your successes.

To see a bicycle pedal in a dream symbolizes a crowded environment where you will be with your family and it refers to people whom you will meet in this environment.

To see bicycle tyre in a dream refers to happiness and good events within family.

To dream that a bicycle is broken indicates that a condition that you hide will emerge and this happens because of your friend.
To fall from bicycle signifies that one of your family members will take care of your problem and s/he will help you.

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  1. My brother came around the school I was teaching before with a bicycle he carried my half brother promising to come and carry me later after i ran after them but I was carrying a gallon of leaked kerosene

  2. I saw myself riding bicycle in the dream, getting to a place about to fall but lo and behold I didn’t. But the road I was riding on has flood, but was i avoiding the flood.

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