Dream Meaning of Bean

Dream Meaning of Bean

To see bean in a dream refers to move or job, school change.

To see of collecting beans in your dream indicates that you will have problems related to your school and continue your education in another school, this new school will be good for you.

To dream that you plant bean may represent that your school will finish and you will start a new school or go to a course to use language or a tool.

To see bean dish in your dream implies that you will show increase in your job and because of this you will go to another place which has tie with your office. If you eat this dish, it means that you will go to a distant place because of your job and these travels will be always repeated.

To dream that you shell the beans suggests that you will change your job even you don't want but this job will be better than the previous one.

To see of cooking beans in your dream indicates that you will conclude your job by having some discussions or you can continue your job vy having troubles with some people.

To see bean seed in your dream may signify that you will change your home because of your job or school. Even if you don't adapt to the new environment in the beginning, you will love your home gradually.

To see of buying bean in your dream indicates that one of your family will change city and this will be good in terms of finance and his/her career. If you sell bean in a dream, it means that one of your relatives who lives far away from you will come to you.

To see bean field in your dream may suggest that you will start a new job and thanks to this job, your financial condition will be very good.

Pickled beans in your dream may represent that you will get married and you will change home because of this and everything will be good as you organize your home, you will be happy.

To see of eating beans as uncooked in your dream may indicate that you will have some financial problems as you change your home but thanks to a person from your family, this financial problem will disappear.


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