Dream Meaning of Battery

Dream Meaning of Battery

To see a battery in a dream refers to new hopes and new trials.

To see of eating, swallowing or tasting a battery in your dream indicates that by abandoning your environment where you stay for a long time, you will try to make friendships with new people. If the taste of battery is bitter or you have a difficulty when you swallow it, you will be excluded from your new environment. Otherwise, you will adapt to your new environment easily.

To dream that you collect batteries indicates that in a meeting you joined or a new environment, you will behave stupidly in order to influence them. Your behaviours seem as weird.

To put battery into a toy, remote control or any kind of tool in your dream symbolizes that you will achieve a job which you tried many times but you didn't achieve before. You will have a favourable response from a person whom you were refused many times before.

To put a battery into a tool although it isn't working with a battery in your dream refers to very big car. If you try to use a big tool by putting a battery, it means that you will rise to an important status as much as you won't dream.

To charge a battery in your dream may represent that you will buy a thing which you want too much with your savings. Because of this thing, a new need will emerge.

To dream that a battery explodes refers to surprises. If it explodes spontaneously, your friends will make surprises for you. If it explodes as you put it somewhere or you explode it deliberately, successful results about an incident whose conclusions are predictable will emerge.

To see a battery in the back in your dream forewarns you that you will enter into a bad environment and won't control your self. If you pull off a battery in your dream, it means that you will finish a wrong relationship or give up one of your bad habits.

To see that you buy and sell a battery or battery is bought and sold in your dream suggests that a deluder who tries to get your possessions and money will start to take care of you closely. S/he will make good talks with you in order to impress you.

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