Dream Meaning of Bait

Dream Meaning of Bait

To see bait in a dream refers to unreturned help, a gift which gives happiness, a passenger who brings happiness.

To give bait to the animals, birds in your dream may indicate that you will start to collect the responses of your favours and helps gradually, other people will destroy the obstacles which will confront you in your new road.

To see baits in boxes or packages in your dream refers to profit which you will get. If the baits are too much, it means that you will get a lot of gain from your investment or job.

To see bird food in a dream refers to good things. It denotes valuable jewelleries and staffs such as golden, silver.

To see of buying and selling bait in your dream symbolizes happy news coming from a distant place and a guest who will come after that.

To see that the baits are poured in your dream denotes that your fortune will overflow becayse of the abundance, you will make expenses and aids countlessly because you got a lot of commodities.

To see that you are eating baits in your dream means that you will be successful in a job which you started in order to gain more and more. However, you will lose your prestige because of the things which you did fort his cause.

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