Dream Meaning of Aunt-in-law

Dream Meaning of Aunt-in-Law

To see aunt-in-law in your dream refers to a reliable person, a person whom you have just met but who gains your trust in a short time. It also denotes that you will share your secret and consign your important staff.

To see that you kiss your aunt-in-law in your dream may represent that if you feel sexual desire, you will make friends with people whom you don’t like for your self interest. If you see that you kiss your aunt-in-law’s hand or cheek with respect and sincerity in your dream, it means that you will take support and power from a person who isn’t your relative.

To dream that you get married with your aunt-in-law may suggest that you will get rid of one of your staffs that always creates problem and expense by selling it.

To see that your aunt-in-law is nude in your dream signifies that an invitation which you take from a distant city will confuse your mind, you won’t participate in this invitation because of your spouse or lover.

To see that you have a sex with your aunt-in-law in your dream symbolizes that you will get a job soon or find a better job compared to your current one.

To dream that you fight, discuss with your aunt-in-law means that you won’t take a debt which you gave to your reliable friend on time. If you see that your aunt-in-law discusses with a person in your dream, you will be harmed by a person whom your friend gives a reference.

To see that your aunt-in-law has a baby in your dream may indicate that you will find a staff you lost, your thoughts about a person whom you don’t like will change into positively.

To dream that your aunt-in-law dies symbolizes that by having a wealth thanks to a heritage or association, you will administrate this wealth. To see a dead aunt-in-law in your dream indicates that you will take a step about an issue which you don’t make bold to before.

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