Dream Meaning of Agenda

Dream Meaning of Agenda

Seeing an agenda in your dream means that you find a way to organize your life after a long-standing chaos and also after being fired you starts to search for a new job and then begin to earn money again.

Dream Meaning Of Agenda for an Unemployed Person

If someone who is unemployed sees an agenda in his dream, it means that he overcomes all his problem and troubles originated from his career and find a new and better job.

Dream Meaning Of Writing on Agenda

Writing on agenda in a dream means that you encounter with new facilities in both social and working life. It shows that you contact with someone who create opportunities for you and you start a new job.

Dream Meaning Of Diary

Seeing diary in a dream means that you have an opportunity about your career and finally you get rid of struggling about money. Thus, you can save money for your future.

Dream Meaning Of Daybook

It indicates that you face your past and you will be regretful about all the malignity that you do and you swear off. Meanwhile it also means that after the good days you cry and miss these days.

Writing Diary in a Dream

Writing diary in a dream means that you punish yourself about the harms you do, about your maltreatment to helpless people and your betrayals to your beloved ones. It also shows your regret about life.

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