Dream Meaning of Silk

To see silk in your dream may refer to illicit conditions, abominable jobs, being close to the things which are forbidden by religion.

To see of taking or buying silk in your dream means that you will have a tendency to the bad jobs by closing your heart or you will be with bad people.

To see of selling silk in your dream symbolizes money which will be earned easily, or money which will come from interest, gambling or game of chance.

To see a silk dress in your dream may represent that a student will graduate, an employee will take promotion or family members will come together with the purpose of a good job.

To see silk fabric in your dream signifies applying henna for a bride, a good journey which a man will have or joining an army.

To see a silk headscarf in your dream may indicate that you will make a vow and this vow will implement.

To see a silk coverlet in your dream signifies a crowded because of a wedding or a guest who will come from a distant place.

To see silk pyjamas in your dream may denote a man who does bad things, the family leader who doesn't obey his/her elders.

To see a silk curtain in your dream may represent that you will turn a blind eye because of bad people and be under influence then your side will tend to unfair things instead of the right.

To see a silk prayer rug in your dream denotes good jobs, praying, making a poor happy.

To see a silk carpet in your dream indicates that you will take a present or you will take part in an achievement, which doesn't belong to you.

To dream that you weave carpet may represent that you will meet with a young girl who is at marriage age or you will direct to marriage after a short-term period that includes loneliness.

To see a silk kerchief in your dream suggests that you will save from slavery, your imprisonment will finish, be far away from people.

To see a silk nightdress in your dream indicates that you will take a dinner invitation or join a good environment with people whom you don't like.

To see a silk shawl in your dream refers to daughter or treatment for ill people.

To see a silk rope or silk yarn in your dream symbolizes long and rugged way and you will aim at reaching it.

To see a silk handkerchief in your dream may indicate that you will have rental income, your gain will enhance, you will receive a recompense for your work.

To see silk covering in your dream means that you will paint your house or buy a commodity which changes the shape of your house.

To see silk sheets in your dream may represent that you will hear bad things about a person, give somebody a black look.

To see silk socks in your dream may indicate that you know how to be grateful, you will pray and your daily bread will be sufficient for you. 

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