Dream Meaning of Yoghurt

Dream Meaning of Yoghurt

To see yoghurt in a dream refers to health, halal daily bread, overcoming the disease.    

To see of eating yoghurt in a dream indicates that you are sure that you have halal gains.

To see that the yoghurt is dirty or rotten or has another colour apart from white in your dream signifies a gift which your relative gives to you with money s/he earned by bad ways.

To see hot yoghurt in a dream refers to staffs which you get with your own efforts. If you see cold yoghurt in your dream, it denotes staffs which you will get by means of your family or relative.

To see of eating yoghurt with sugar in your dream suggests that your family has halal gain. If you eat salty yoghurt in your dream, you will earn daily bread by yourself. If you eat sour yoghurt in your dream, it means that you will provide the daily bread of other people.

To see fruit yoghurt in a dream is interpreted according to the taste of it.

To see fat yoghurt in your dream represents that your income will increase and you will start to nurture with foods which you didn't eat before. If you see light yoghurt in your dream, it tells that you will be hosted well in a dinner you join.

To see cream of the yoghurt in a dream refers to daily bread which you will get without any effort.

To dream that you mix yoghurt into the meal, you see another foods in yoghurt indicates that a person who is evil minded will be unsuccessful. To put bread into the yoghurt and then eat it in your dream signifies that you will reach the staffs easily and people will envy you.

To see pasta with yoghurt in your dream implies that from now on you will have a profit which you had to share before exclusively.  

To see yoghurt soup in your dream forewarns you that you will have a small health problem because of the foods which you had.

To see that you ferment the yoghurt in your dream means that you will have a house, plant products into the field, make an attempt for a new job.

To see of buying yoghurt in your dream indicates that you will have an important heritage from your family.

To put yoghurt on your hand or face or any place on your body in your dream indicates that you will have daily bread with bad ways by being not contented with your current gain.

To see poured yoghurt in your dream means that your relative will want your help because of his/her trouble.

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