Dream Meaning of Silkworm

 To see silkworm in your dream may represent that you will emerge into the daylight, begin to enjoy prosperity, you will be relaxed or overcome the stressful period. If you see a silk worm in your home, this dream refers to property which will come to your home.

To see that you catch a silk worm in your dream may indicate that you will reach a happy ending by making an effort in an environment which you are excluded and you become alone. You will struggle with strong-minded and you will be appreciated.

To see cocoon in your dream refers to seasonal disease, feeling bad, the deficiency of energy.

To see of feeding a silk worm in your dream may indicate that you will make an investment concerning your future, money saving or dispose of property.

To dream that a silk worm bites you symbolizes bad people whom you discuss, person who stirs up trouble.

To kill a silk worm in your dream signifies unlucky person, unexpected surprising incidents.

To see a silk worm’s egg in your dream may suggest that you will migrate, leave from your country, try to adapt to the foreign environment.

To see that you produce silkworm in your dream may represent that you will have a job whose gain is high and which people admire enviously. Your family life will be all right.

To see of selling silkworm in your dream signifies that you will lose everything which you have and you will get depressed or enter into a period which includes bad things.

To see of buying silkworm in your dream may imply that you will have a big support to overcome your troubles. It also refers to state aid or charitable person.

To see that you let fly a silk worm in your dream means that you will have a son or make your daughter get married.

To see a silk worm butterfly in your dream represents that you will share a sale which brings income.

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