Dream Meaning of Pillow

To see a pillow in a dream refers to small amount of money, short term trip and entertainment.    

To see that you fill the pillow in your dream may indicate that you will save money and this money will serve you in good stead much more than you expect.

To see that you see pillowcase in a dream means that you will have a journey. If you see that this pillow case is bad and it is thrown to a place in your dream, it refers to a travel which will force you financially. If this pillow case is clean, it refers to a pleasant journey.

To see a white pillow in a dream denotes single. If you see a black pillow in your dream, it means that you will get divorced from your spouse. A colourful pillow in a dream may represent that if you are single, you will get married. If you are married, the excitement and desire will increase in your marriage.

To see that the pillow is long in your dream refers to a compulsory marriage which will be done because of financial reasons. If you have a partner or you are married and you see pillow in your dream, it signifies that you won't perpetuate your relationship because of financial reasons undeliberately.

To see a small pillow in your dream implies that your relationship which you will start will last short.

To dream that the pillow is soft symbolizes that you will be hosted well in a visit. If you see tough pillow in your dream, it means that you will hear statements which will spoil your peace in a visit.

To see a dirty pillow in a dream means that you will take back some amount of the debt you gave. If you see a clean pillow in your dream, this dream is telling you that you will take back full amount of the debt you gave.

To see a torn pillow or a pillow whose wools are poured from the inside in your dream may indicate that your health will be bad because of money. However, after a short term, your health will be all right and your money will be much more than you want.

To see that you are playing with a pillow, you hit a person with a pillow in your dream may symbolize that you will enjoy a job which you achieved.

To see of throwing a pillow in your dream may represent that you will miss an opportunity. If you throw a new pillow in your dream, you will miss a good opportunity. If you throw an old pillow in your dream, it means that you will eliminate a bad option.

To dream that you take a pillow from a person or you buy a new pillow signifies that you will set up a new love story with a person whom you have just met because you want to forget an old relationship.

To see that you give a pillow to a person or you sell a pillow in your dream may indicate that by listening the love trouble of your relative, you will relieve this person.

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