Dream Meaning of Parachute

To see a parachute in a dream means that you will take advice from your friend who has superstition, you will be interested in magic and witchcraft.

To dream that you jump with a parachute refers to a friend who puts your head above the parapet because s/he is afraid of job. If you see that you jump with a parachute without being afraid of, it means that this job will return to you as profit. If you are afraid of jumping with a parachute, this dream tells that your relative who embroils you will earn a lot of money by means of you but this person will hide this from you.

To dream that although you jump with a parachute, parachute isn't working and you go down fast means that you will give up the science and direct towards the superstition.

To see that after you jump with a parachute, you go down smoothly in your dream indicates that you will be appreciated by your boss or trainer because you behave consistently.

To see that after you jump with a parachute, you land difficultly or as you land, you give harm to yourself in your dream signifies that your enemy who knows that s/he can't give harm to you will try to stop you by means of magic.

To see of collecting parachutes in your dream represents that you will apply for superstitious method about an issue which you lost hope. You want to relax yourself.

To see a torn parachute in your dream implies that you will meet with a person who tries to have benefits from your superstitious belief. You will be taken for a ride.

To see packages thrown from parachute in your dream may indicate that you will be in the same environment with people who try to misguide you.

To see people who jump with parachute in your dream suggests that you will apply for small tricks in order to influence people in your job. You will be successful and achieve to affect everyone.

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