Rüyada Namaz görmek

To dream that you are performing prayer may represent that you will make wrong friendships and you will have problems in your relationship because of these wrong friendships.

Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will have discussions with your friends and this will make you upset. 

If you see a person who performs prayer in your dream, it means that you shouldn't exaggerate the problems in your relationship. Otherwise, you will be demoralized and sad about some issues.
To see that you make somebody perform prayer in your dream refers to a journey which you will have with your friends and your friendships will be better during this travel. 

To dream that you are standing in order to perform prayer may forewarn you that you will have an issue related to doctor and this issue will be all right.

To see prayer rug in your dream implies that problems in your mind will make yourself miserable but you shouldn't pay attention these issues too much.

To see of making or buying prayer rug in your dream signifies that you will set up a business with your close friend or your relative and this business will be very efficient in terms of you.

To dream that you spoil the prayer means that the issues which you don't think of happening will occur suddenly and this will make you happy.

To perform prayer wrongly in your dream signifies that you will meet with good people and receive always kindness from these persons.

To see that you start to perform prayer in your dream may represent that you will enter into a period which you will be relaxed. However, you should make good use of this term. 

To dream that you are laughing as you perform prayer indicates that you are thinking about some people wrongly and these thoughts will disappear in time. 

To dream that you are crying as you perform prayer denotes that you will change your occupation.  

To see that you are making behaviour spoiling prayer undeliberately as you perform prayer in your dream may suggest that you will change your job willingly. If you know that behavior you make will spoil prayer, this dream denotes that you will change your job unwillingly because of being obliged to.

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