Dream Meaning of Mirror

Dream Meaning of Mirror

To see a mirror in a dream refers to pureness, good intention and humility. Alternatively, a mirror means that you will be appreciated because of your good intention and helpfulness. Many people will present opportunities and privileges to you unintended.  

To see a framed mirror in your dream indicates that although you have a big wealth and valuable commodities and things, you will continue to live a modest life without changing your environment.

To dream that you look in a mirror signifies that you will feel the games of the people who test you and you will act upon this. Alternatively, it means that you will meet a person whose life style is good for you, you will change your life style by following a person whom you admire.

To dream that although you look in a mirror, you can’t see yourself may represent that you will learn that in fact you didn’t make a mistake about a subject which you think you made a mistake. If you see another person although you look in a mirror in your dream, it symbolizes a loyal friend who undertakes your liability or your fault.

To break a mirror in your dream you should go out of rules to overcome a job or beat your rival. If you see a broken mirror in your dream, it means that your competitor will give an issue prominence by applying cheat.

To clean a mirror in your dream indicates that you will get in return for your aids and favours. It also refers to your favour and you will get return that your family will benefit from.

To see of buying a mirror in your dream symbolizes complimentary statements that you will hear from a person whom you don’t know. If you give a mirror to someone or give it as a gift in your dream, it means that you will admire a person who is younger, you will get inspired from a person and you will solve a problem which you haven’t solved for a long time.   

To see of buying and selling a mirror in your dream signifies fake complimentaries said because of interest.

To hang on a mirror in your dream may represent that a person who is interested in you for a long time will make you feel this as soon as possible. It also denotes that you will take an invitation as a saver for a job whose peace and harmony are destroyed.

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