Dream Meaning of Jail

Dream Meaning of Jail

To see jail in a dream means that you will confront the obstacle, offend yourself, feel guilty, watch for an opportunity.

To see jail from a distant place in your dream signifies a problem which you left behind at the rate of the size of the jail.

To see an antique jail in your dream may mean that you will overcome the obstacles which come your way to have the income or heritage from your family elders as soon as possible.

To see that a jail is empty and its doors are open in your dream may represent that your heart scars will recover, your regrets will finish, a problem which makes you busy will disappear.

To dream that you visit a jail or you see yourself in a jail means that you will gain an important advantage invisibly and you won't make people feel.

To dream that you are imprisoned or you are living in a jail may represent that you give up the struggle for the problems easily although you are able to deal with. People who love you want that you should be more resistive.

Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you should be stubborn and resistive, or you will be relaxed by enlightening an issue which you feel guilty about.

To dream that a person whom you know is in jail means that this person is feeling guilty towards you reality but s/he doesn't share this issue with you.

To see that people whom you don't know are in jail in your dream may represent that you should be careful about people whom you will meet or you have just met.

To see that you get out of jail in your dream may represent that you will return to your old successful days, restart your old relationship or find an exit from a condition which you think negatively.

To see a person who escapes from a jail in your dream means that you will meet a person who will save you from your problems. This person will guide you.

To dream that you escape from a jail may indicate that you receive a recompense for your work, you will come together with people who respect you, persuade a difficult person. To see someone who escapes from a jail in your dream signifies that there will be people who share their opportunities with you.

To see that you are staying in a jail cell alone in your dream may indicate that you will get the better of your enemy by misleading your enemy with your intelligent mind. You will make people who underestimate you feel sorry because of their thoughts.

To see that famous people, statesman or reputable people are in jail in your dream means that you will make good use of very important opportunity, get a valuable commodity which you dream about, catch an opportunity to spare time with a person in your mind.

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