Dream Meaning of Goose

Dream Meaning of Goose

To see a goose in your dream may refer to travel, journey, a person whose intention is a secret, a well educated woman. Alternatively, it signifies a woman who brings benefit and abundance.

To see more than one goose in your dream symbolizes more than one woman whom you will benefit from. Alternatively, it tells that you will have a journey with a crowded group.

To see a baby goose in your dream may represent that the person who approaches you with ill-intention will change his/her intention by being affected from you. The attitudes of an angry executive will decrease.

To see that you cut a goose in your dream means that you will give up a journey and you postpone a travel. If you see that another person cuts a goose in your dream, it symbolizes that you will get rid of your prejudices and change your behaviours towards the environment.

To see that you are bitten by a goose in your dream may indicate that you will meet with a well educated woman who will guide you. If you see that the goose bites some people in your dream, it denotes that the people who apply an advice you didn't listen will be successful and you will see this.

To see that the gooses fight with each other and make the feathers fly in your dream indicates that you don't give sufficient value to the woman who tries to protect you and thinks about your favour.

To see of hunting, running after or catching a goose in your dream may suggest that by listening to a person who hides his/her real intention, you will get harm.

To see goose meat in your dream indicates that you will exaggerate the incidents and spend too much time for simple things. If you see that you eat goose meat in your dream, it tells that you will be late for an appointment or an important meeting.

To see goose egg in your dream may symbolize that you will be at odds again with the woman whom you finished your resentment.

To see that the goose egg is broken in your dream refers to a woman who puts a distance from you because of a reason whom you don't understand.

To see of speaking with a goose in your dream means that you will learn lesson from a well educated woman.

To dream that you feed a goose in your dream may represent that you will have a happy marriage, do a good thing which you gain the people's appreciation.

To see that the goose is bought and sold in your dream may suggest that by not attaching importance to a valuable idea you had from a woman, you will share this with other person and this person will gain important gainings from this. 

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