Dream Meaning of Giraffe

Dream Meaning of Giraffe

To see a giraffe in a dream means that your high targets will occur. 

To see that the giraffe is sleeping in your dream may represent that your status in your business life increases. 

To dream that the giraffe speaks with you indicates that you will fail in your school life but this failure won't continue for a long time.

To see that the voice or giraffe belongs to a woman in your dream represents that you will overcome the bad issues in your school life.

To see that the giraffe speaks with the voice of man in your dream symbolizes that you will be successful in your school, everyone mentions about you with your good qualities. 

To see that the giraffe eats something from the tree in your dream may represent that you will fulfill your targets easily and as soon as possible thanks to a person.   

To see a baby giraffe in your dream means that there will be beauties and achievements in your children's lives.

To see that the giraffe speaks with you in your dream implies that if you want to achieve something, you should study hard.

To dream that the giraffe hurts denotes that you will have some bad things in your targets and dreams but it will be fixed as soon as possible.

To fee a giraffe in your home in your dream may indicate that new people will face you and you will make good friendships.

To make milk drunk to a giraffe with nursing bottle in your dream may denote that the issues you make effort for will come to an end with happiness.

To see that a giraffe fights with the animals in your dream may represent that you will struggle with all problems you face best.

Seeing a short giraffe in one’s dream has various
interpretations: It indicates that you will win a glory against
your enemies, you can overcome your personal problems, and
you are in the right time to perform some beneficial work. If
you see yourself among a flock of giraffes, it means you will
attain higher respectability, you will be helpful to your friends
with your knowledge and your experience, you will achieve
recognizable success and you will be a well-respected person
in society.

If you own a giraffe in your dream, it is interpreted
as a sign of your energetic mood that you will radiate positive
energy, you will be draw attention in public, and you will be a
popular personality.

If you see a giraffe approaching you in
your dream, it suggests the imminence of happy and healthy
days, and that the troubling days are giving way to joyful ones.

If you see a giraffe leaving, this means you might encounter
distressing events shadow your happiness, it is a warning sign
for an upcoming sadness. According to another tradition,
seeing a giraffe in a dream means loss of property, can be a
harbinger of pregnancy and…

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